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AS46-05 12ga Pump 10 rounds drop down mag
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  • Uzkon AS46-05 12ga Pump 10 rounds drop down mag
  • Manufacturer:  Uzkon International Arms Country: Turkey Model: Mag-Fed Pump Model No.: AS46-O5 Type/Action: Pump Action Calibre: 12GA
  • Chamber: 2-3/4” (Designed for 2-3/4”, AS46 will also chamber 3”, See Info Below)
  • Trigger Pull:  Capacity: 1 5rd Box Magazine (2rd, 5rd, 10rd Available (15rd On Order)). Barrel: 14” Barrel, Threaded, Breeching Flash Hider
  • Barrel Material: 4140 Steel, Chrome Lined
  • Receiver Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Locking Block: 4140 Steel
  • Chokes: 
  • Overall Length: 86 cm (33.86”)
  • Height:  Width:  Weight:  Rear Sight: Removable A2 Carry Handle with Aperture Front Sight: Removable A2 Front Sight
  • Finish, Barrel/Receiver: 7075 T6 Aluminum Receiver, Anodized
  • Finish, Stock: Synthetic, Black Polymer
  • Stock: 4140 Steel Locking Block, Synthetic, Fixed Stock with Pistol Grip Packing: Box, Manual, Warranty Card, Catalog, Breeching Flash Hider
  • Other: Fixed Stock with Pistol Grip, Black Finish, Breeching Flash Hider, Detachable Magazine, Non-Restricted.
  • In an effort to ensure satisfaction with Uzkon products, we want to share the information from our extensive testing of the AS46 Series shotguns.
  • -AS46 is designed for 2-3/4” Shotgun Shells.  That said, it will also chamber 3” shells in most scenarios. 
  • AS46 Series Magazines:
  • -2rd Magazine: Shoots 2-3/4” and 3” flawlessly.
  • -5rd Magazine: Shoots 2-3/4” and 3” flawlessly.
  • -10rd Magazine: Shoots 2-3/4” flawlessly; Shoots up to 7rds of 3” without issue.
  • Cycling of Spring-Assisted Pump Action Shotguns:
  • Our testing also found that end-users are inclined to cycle the action of the AS46 in a delicate fashion.  This technique does not allow the firearm to cycle in its most reliable format.  The spring-assist on the AS46 is designed to ‘spring shut’ in an aggressive manner to ensure reliable chambering of the round.  Simply put, this firearm is designed to take a beating so pull back on the forend and release the spring-assist from the rear position.  The action will ‘slam closed’ and you will get the best results by using the firearm in this manner. This information is applicable to all types of shotgun ammunition being cycled in this firearm. 
  • As always, use SAFE and PROVE when handling firearms and TWI assumes no risk or liability for the misuse of the products that we import.