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Lyman Universal Case Trimmer (used)
  • Lyman Universal Case Trimmer (used) Sold as is
  • The versatile Lyman® Universal® Case Trimmer allows reloaders to trim virtually all size cases from .17 caliber up to a .458 without additional costly collets. Featuring Lyman's patented Universal Chuckhead, this easy to use trimmer which handles any case from .17 caliber to .458 Winchester Magnum. Trimmer allows both coarse and fine adjustments and utilizes an adjusting ring that lets you ''dial in'' to an approximate setting for quick repeatability. The Universal Case Trimmer comes with nine of the most popular pilots. Additional pilots and an optional power adapter are available (sold separately) to increase the Trimmer's versatility. Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Trims any size case from .17 up to .458 WinMag
  • Features Lyman's Universal Chuckhead
  • Easy to use
  • Allows both coarse and fine adjustment
  • Adjusting ring allows you to ''dial in'' setting for quick repeatability
  • Comes with nine popular pilots
$ 79.99 
Hornady Neck Turn Tool (used)
Hornady Neck Turn Tool (used) Sold as is Features
  • Designed for use on a wide variety of case lengths
  • Allows for the use of a cordless drill
  • Adjustment knob to choose detents for .0005" adjustment increments or no detents for infinite adjustment
The Hornady Neck Turn Tool saves hand loaders time and effort at the workbench. Designed for use on a wide variety of case lengths, the Hornady Neck Turn Tool allows for the use of a cordless drill to make neck turning faster and easier, while providing superior consistency and surface finish. An adjustment knob enables the user to choose detents for .0005” adjustment increments, or no detents for infinite adjustment. The Hornady Neck Turn tool is a winning solution for precision hand loaders who want to maximize their case care productivity.
$ 99.99 
RCBS Gauging Tool (used)
  • RCBS Gauging Tool (used) Sold as is
  • The RCBS Case Master Concentricity Gaging Tool is a tool designed to help reloaders create the most accurate ammunition possible. This tool easily measures neck concentricity, uniformity, thickness and bullet run-out to ensure that all reloading equipment is setup to product the most accurate rounds possible. This tool can also be used to detect case head separation before any symptoms are apparent on the outside of the case. Technical Information Type: Concentricity Gaging Tool Material: Aluminum Base with Steel Accessories Function: Measures case neck concentricity, uniformity and thickness, as well as case length and bull run-out Accuracy: .001" Features: Fully-adjustable V-blocks to securely position the case for an accurate measure, compact base for convenience but still steady enough for the tasks at hand
$ 99.99 
Hornady Loading Press and Additional Accessories (used)
  • Condition (new)
  • Hornady Lock N Load AP Loader
  • Description
  • Product Code : Hornady-095100
  • Hornady’s Lock-N-Load AP is an automatic, five-station press with the most user-friendly and innovative patented quick tool change technology of all progressive presses. The system switches dies, powder measure, check dies, bullet seaters or crimp dies without having to change the whole die head. Change one dies or all with one quick twist. The Lock-N-Load AP comes complete with a full-size Lock-N-Load Powder Measure that will load anything from s up through most magnum rifle cartridges. The Lock-N-Load AP also includes a case activated powder drop, cartridge catcher and extra Lock-N-Load bushings.
  • The Lock-N-Load™ AP with NEW EZject™ system loads at a rate of up to 500 rounds per hour, and features the quickest change-over of any progressive press.
  • NEW EZJECT™ SYSTEM The NEW EZject™ system delivers 100% reliable ejection of every cartridge, every time, without any adjustments.
  • PRIMING SYSTEM The Lock-N-Load™ AP can be changed from large to small primers as easy as 1-2-3. 1) Change the primer seater punch. 2) Change the primer shuttle. 3) Change the primer feed tube.
  • CASE ACTIVATED POWDER DROP Case activated powder drop will dispense a powder charge ONLY when there is a cartridge case present. No more messes
  • # 30, Fits: 44 Spl, 44 Rem Mag,
  •  # 45, Fits: 45 Auto
  •  # 32, Fits: Colt, 454 casull
  •  #2 Fits: 3030
  • # 8 Fits: 9mm
  •  # 11 Fits” 303
  •  #16 Fits: 223
  •  #1, Fits: 308
  •  #9 44/40 Win Cowboy
  • Hornady Lock-N load Light Strip
  • Hornady .430 Powder Expander
  • Hornady .452 Powder Expander
$ 799.99 
Sellier & Bellot Primers
  • Sellier & Bellot Primers
  • 1000 pcs
$ 38.49 
CCI Primers
  • CCI Primers
  • 1000 pcs
$ 49.99 
Winchester Primers
  • Winchester Primers
  • Small pistol Primers 1000 pcs
$ 59.99 
Sellier & Bellot Projectiles
  • Sellier & Bellot Projectiles
  • 45ACP/Auto 400 pcs 230grs FMJ
$ 82.49 
Rifle Brass
  • Rifle Brass available

  • 7.62 x 39 20 rds 14.49$
  • 7.62 x 54R 20rds 22.39$
  • 8 x 57JS 20rds 16.39$
  • 308Win 20rds  14.99$
  • 300 Win Mag  20rds  19.29$
Pistol Brass
  • Pistol Brass available
  • 9mm   50rds 14.79$
  • 38 Special  50rds 15.99$
  • 357Mag     50rds  15.99$
  • 45ACP  50rds  17.79$
  • 44Mag  50rds   23.25$