New gun warranty issues will be directed to national warranty centers. Transportation and or shipping to warranty centers is the consumer’s responsibility. Most warranty centers will return the firearm at their expense. All new firearms warranty are serviced within the country.
Longer firearms may be partially disassembled for shipping. This is standard practice in the online firearms market. It allows the product to fit in a shorter box, making shipping less expensive for the customers.
For provinces that use HST, we charge the total provincial and federal taxes.

For provinces that use GST and PST, we charge only the federal tax (GST).

For provinces that use GST only, we charge only the federal tax (GST).

We'd love to sell to everyone, but regulations on firearms and smoke products just make it to darn difficult.
Interact e-Transfer is the only form of payment that we accept at this time. We love e-Transfer! It's safe, fast and cost effective.

What is Interact e-Transfer?

Interact e-Transfer allow you to send money directly to another person using online or mobile banking.

Is Interac e-Transfer Safe?

Your money does not travel by email – only notifications and deposit instructions do. Your financial institution and the recipient’s financial institution exchange funds using established and secure bank-to-bank transfer procedures.

All the financial information stays on the bank servers and we don’t need to see or store any of it. So, if hackers ever get access to our site, there would not be any financial information for them to see!
We can only sell firearms to clients with a valid P.A.L. or P.O.L.

Please make sure your license is still valid. If your license is expired, we will have to wait until you complete the renewal. That would unfortunately delay shipment of your firearm.
All used and war guns are sold as is and have no warranty.

We’d love to spend our days at the shooting range testing weapons. But, if we spent all our time at the range, we’d be out of business in no time flat! We buy war surplus from reputable vendors and assume we are purchasing good quality products. We also buy used weapons from people walking into our store. We look at the gun, handle it in the store (we don’t shoot it in the store!) and if it looks good to us, we buy it and put it up for sale in store and on our web site.
All sales are final and we can not process returns.
We try our best, but sometimes the online photo might not match 100% with the actual product when you get it in your home.

When we take pictures, the light that we use might not be the same light that you have in your home. Some light bulbs emit a more yellowish light, some are neutral and some bulbs have a more bluish light. This makes it so things might look different on a real product than what you see on your computer monitor.

Even if we have the same light bulbs in our store and in your house, each computer screen and mobile device screen is calibrated differently for colors. And even if you have calibrated your monitor to a specific color profile, it might not match our monitor that we use to edit our photos.

Since there are so many factors that influence the final appearance of an image on a screen, we can’t guarantee color accuracy 100%.

In some cases, the same product may have variations. Such is the case for used and war products. For example, we may have 50 SKS firearms in stock. We take a picture of one of these and use it on the web site. Of course, since they have been used, the others might have slight variations (color, scratches, etc...).

New products can also have variations. For example, we will get a load of new riffles and the stocks will be different. Some have built ammo holders that vary in their position on the stock. Some have cammo patterns that vary between each firearm.

Bottom line, manufacturers vary the products all the time and manufacturing is not precise.

Please keep this in mind when ordering. We will not provide refunds for products with slight photo or color variations between your screen and the actual product received.
We have thousands of different products coming into our inventory each month to replenish sold items. It can happen that manufacturers change their products slightly. It can happen that we don't notice the change (that's a lot of products to check!). It is therefore possible that some product descriptions might be slightly different from the actual product.

While every precaution is taken to ensure that items are described accurately, we will not provide refunds for products with slight description errors.